College PRs (2010-2014): 

-XC:  5k (18:50); 6k (22:41)

-Indoor Track: I never made it through an entire season…3k (10:30?);

-Outdoor Track: never ran 🙁

Post-Collegiate PRs:

I struggled with injuries in college and even more after,  so I have not done many races.  My worst injury ( back, right IT band, and hips) occurred in early 2015 and I did months of PT in 2015 to correct. Read more about it here and my injury history here.  Then, I took a hiatus from running by choice in most of 2016 and 2017. I started running more consistently in early 2018 and secured a half marathon PR at the Illinois half marathon on April 28, 2018. Then, I finished the Chicago Marathon as my first marathon on Oct 9, 2018 (recap to come)! Post-marathon I have a minor injury, but I know that my come back will be strong! I’m focusing on strength work the rest of 2018. I have big goals for 2019 😛 😉

-5k x 3: 20:39 (2019)

10k x 2: 43:20 (2019)

-13.1 x 3: 1:34 (2018)

-26.2 x 1: 3:28:01 (2018)