Hello there! My name is Amanda and I am just another girl who loves to run. 😊 I started running when I was 14 years old and I do not plan on ever stopping! I am a former DI cross country runner who graduated in spring 2014 with a BA in Biology and a Master’s in Education in spring 2016. I am currently back in school, studying nutrition, so I can reach my goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian.

Currently: I am in my mid-twenties, studying to become a Registered Dietitian, and living the city life with my husband. My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We got engaged at the Chicago Marathon in October 2016 (he ran and I spectated).

Then, we got married in July 2017 at a beautiful garden venue (I’d be happy to do a separate wedding post or some posts about wedding planning if there is interest!). I am learning how to navigate life while making my marriage, health, happiness, and hobbies a priority.

Some of my passions include running, fitness, healthy food, and healthy living. I also like coffee, matcha lattes,  tea, peanut butter, dark chocolate, wine, craft beer, concerts, reading, cooking, baking, crafts, and Netflix. Life is all about balance. 🙂

I eat plant based (mostly vegan and always vegetarian). My love of black beans and black bean burgers inspired the name of this blog!  I hope, through this blog, to share some of my passions and nutritional knowledge (eventually expertise)! Then, in the process inspire others to live healthier lives! 🙂


Photo Credit and Disclaimer:

The wedding and engagement photos were taken by Melissa Smith of MAK photography. The rest were taken by myself, my husband, friends, or family. You cannot use or edit photos anywhere on Black Bean Queen without first contacting me. 


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    • Here’s a link to one of my prior posts with my favorite black bean burger recipe.
      I’m not a huge fan of spicy things so if you like spicy I’d add more chili powder than what the recipe indicates. Enjoy. 🙂

  1. I wish I liked running but it doesn’t agree with me, my hips, shins or breasts.as I feel like I have to hold them in place. I am more of a yoga person. Hot yoga in particular. Best of luck with your blog. I as m also a lover of black bean burgers.

    • Awesome! Running is tiring, but definitely one of my favorite activities! I miss it right now. 🙁 I’ve been injured for the past three months, but my physical therapist is letting me slowly go back to running in the next few weeks! 🙂

      • Me too! Reading about experiences of other runners is so helpful and inspiring. I actually have a semester left of student teaching (I got to do it 3 times… elementary, middle and high school), but I just taught summer school in a school district near me. It was amazing!

      • Exactly! I love reading other runners blogs. 🙂 Wow that’s crazy you have to student teach three times! What grade were you with your summer school? Also are you getting a master of education degree or just finishing up your undergrad degree? I student teach just once (for high school) and I will be doing that next March!

      • I’m getting a BA right now. I’m doing a foreign language, so that’s why I have to do it 3 times. I was with elementary students (1st-5th). What college are you at (if you feel comfortable sharing)?

  2. I wish I ran Cross Country in school. I didn’t start running until March of 2014. Better late than never!

  3. Thanks for the follow! I totally love your site – I’ve read loads of your posts today and find your stories really inspirational. Keep it up!

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